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Fine Art

I  paint a variety of subjects, but choose them all for the same reason… I paint what attracts me emotionally and strive to capture and communicate that feeling to others in my art.  My approach is very much the same, whether its a figure, birds, or trees, I want the subject to be realistic and natural, and then proceed to add more expressive elements of color, pattern and brushwork.

I do a lot of commission work, so a piece can be tailored to your ideas, colors, size and budget. Contact me if you would like to discuss a project. I'd love to hear your ideas and explain how I work through the process to make it enjoyable and successful.

I hope that people choose art that attracts them emotionally… If its going to hang in your home, it should be something that makes you feel good or smile when you see it. That’s really what art is for!

2024 Shows:

Celebration Of Fine Art, Scottsdale Arizona

January 13 - March 24, Daily 10am - 6pm

Home Studio - Minneapolis

About The Artist

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